Mandarino del Simeto - Room Diffuser

Imagine the enchanted oasis at the foot of Mount Etna.
Virgil sings of the nymphs that inhabit the entire valley, the fresh spring of a river god, Simeto, which from there reaches the sea. The fragrance of the surrounding gardens smells of sweet tangerine and green citrus leaves, the air is fresh; The spirit is full of happiness. The sweetness of Simeto tangerine and the freshness of green citrus leaves combine happily, spreading top notes with a joyful and intoxicating personality.

Wooden stick included

IMPORTANT: In a diffuser are always a mixture of the respective oil and alcohol. The sticks in the bottle soak up and release the scent into the room air. In a cheaper room fragrance, the proportion of high-quality perfume oils is low and is replaced by alcohol.

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